About Us

PrimeCare Medical, Inc. is a privately held Pennsylvania correctional health care corporation that is currently celebrating thirty-three (33) years in business.  PrimeCare Medical, Inc. is the owner of PrimeCare Medical of West Virginia, Inc. and PrimeCare Medical of New York, Inc.   

PrimeCare Medical is proud to say that our vision of becoming one of the region’s most prestigious correctional health care companies has become a reality, due to the tireless efforts,  and management of our senior leadership team.  The unparalleled level of experience of these individuals in the industry permits PrimeCare Medical to possess a unique insight into the challenges and dynamics of the correctional health field today. PrimeCare Medical’s business practices and ethics has enabled us to maintain strong mutually beneficial relationships with long standing contracts as well as attract and begin new relationships with additional correctional facilities so as to ensure our continued success!   

PrimeCare Medical has a proud history and commitment to correctional health care. The Mission and Vision of the Corporation is reflective in our many years of success in a difficult and continuously evolving environment of correctional health care.

Our Vision

PrimeCare Medical, Inc. is committed to managing and reducing risk in correctional healthcare by providing cost-effective quality healthcare management, continuously improving the standards of care and striving for national accreditation for all facilities. Dedicated to correctional healthcare, PrimeCare Medical prides itself on our strong client relationships, effective and efficient management of healthcare services. These attributes continue to be the hallmark of our success.

Our Mission

PrimeCare Medical, Inc. provides comprehensive healthcare services to county jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers throughout the Northeastern United States. PrimeCare Medical specializes in correctional healthcare management through the significant contributions and strong moral values of our employees.